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Channeling Your Inner Golden Ratio

I looked into the mirror a few short weeks ago, noting how much my body has changed over the long months of inactivity. I forced myself to look and to recognize the unhealthy transition that my life had made – I had to admit it, as every day that I did nothing to make healthy changes for my lifestyle was nothing but denial of the fact that I was very unhealthy. With the help of John Barban, the creator of the Adonis Golden Ratio and the Venus Factor weight loss/exercise programs, I have already begun to see a drastic change in both my physique as well as my mental state of being. It’s amazing how undeniably entwined the different facets of our well being are – health is everything. What we eat, how we exercise and how we treat ourselves has a profound impact on our moods. I didn’t even realize that I was depressed until I began to make these changes as I could feel how elevated my general sense of being had become.

Every day I wake up with more confidence and energy to face the long hours of my everyday activities. Before, I had been struggling to get out of my bed due to the pain in my back, the stiffness in my knees and my utter lack of energy or motivation to do anything at all. I can’t properly express just how thankful I am for John. He has given me the tools to help me make the changes in my life that were necessary for me to tap into my inner, happier self. I can now look in the mirror without fear and see what had been buried beneath the layers of depression and the weight that I had allowed to conceal the person I had been before.

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