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Medical Elitism and Alternative Medicine

Medical elitism and alternative medicine is a concept that doctors today, have an elite group, and have developed a theory of thinking that alternative medical practitioners are not open minded, due to the fact that they are not willing to change their theories or ideas about the new medications that are available today. These individuals who use the theory of alternative medicine, do not have to undergo the extensive schooling, nor do they spend nearly as much time in learning the practice, and for this reason, many doctors have this elite attitude and group, where they are opposed to the teaching of alternative medical practitioners. With new medicine coming out on a regular basis, and with so many options for treatment available today, doctors believe the individuals who practice alternative medicine, are closed minded, and do not have the ability to see the good that medicine can do today.

There are certain individuals who are open to both forms of medicine and treatment, but those who are in the elite group are not generally open to the all natural, holistic approach. Doctors believe there are certain illnesses that can\’t be treated naturally, and in many instances medication is the only approach to the treatment; so, rather than the holistic form of medicine, new medications have been developed to treat these illnesses, and to take care of many problems that are new today. The concept of medical elitism and alternative medicine is also one that is prominent with many doctors today, because of the change in medicine, and all the new illnesses that are out there today, which were not, when holistic medicine was introduced. So, the changes, and new illnesses, have caused a big shift in the way medicine is viewed, and how treatment should be provided to a number of patients.

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