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Why is Alternative Medicine Controversial

If you wonder about why alternative medicine controversial, there are quite a few reasons. Today, as opposed to when this holistic approach was introduced, there are far more illnesses, and there are far more new bacteria that can inhibit and enter the body, which herbs might not have been meant to treat. There is also controversy due to the fact that this all natural approach, does not account for the many changes that have occurred in medicine, and it does not look at all sides of an illness, but simply looks at the natural approach, and nothing else, when treating a particular illness. Many are opposed to it because there are not many proven or many written reports on it, and it is more of an older way of thinking, rather than the forward thinking options that are available to patients today, when trying to treat a number of illnesses, and new sicknesses, that are being introduced and found on a daily basis.

With many doctors and the elitism that is found in the medical field, the alternative medicine approach is one that is out dated, and one that is not able to keep up with the advances that have been made in medicine today. There are quite a few changes in the way of thinking, and in what new medicine can do, which natural herbs are not going to be able to do for a patient. From chemo, to new injections and medications, there are quite a few changes out there, and herbal treatments are not always the best cure for them. So, whether you are a proponent or against it, there are many controversies, and individuals have to know the limits with alternative medicine, if this is something that they are trying to treat through all natural medicinal practices.

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